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Where the Wild Things Are
I don't believe in fate, in destiny. Bunch of bollocks if you ask me. But sometimes I wonder if the universe just has to step up and get its few licks in now and then. Remind you that you're a fragile being, that life is a mess and sometimes there's not a bloody thing you can do to change that.

A bloke like me didn't have that much pride left in the end. Not when it came to matters of the heart. Didn't have to spend much time thinking about it before I concluded to myself that I had to see Buffy again. Even if she yelled at me and knocked me for six. Again. Fool for love and all that. I had to make her understand that I wasn't like that broody git, and I was still there for her if she needed me to be. Even if it was the pretty young english boy that she wanted. I just needed Buffy to know that I had her back, no matter what.

So I summoned up some dutch courage with a few more tumblers of my mate Jack, and then started to head over to the Hyperion. Hopefully Xander wouldn't mind the couple of bob I'd lifted from his jacket. Figured I'll pay him back... eventually.

Bounded up the steps, all ready to face her, to say my piece and all, but as soon as she came down to meet me I found myself tongue-tied. Seeing her again cut me to the quick, remembering what we'd been through together, and yet how far apart we still seemed to be. Suddenly I wondered if it was a mistake, if I was being selfish by wanting to remain a part of her life. I stood with my hands in my pockets, in the middle of the lobby, not sure how to begin, but wishing I could just hold Buffy and tell her how much I'd missed her.

At least she could still smile at me, that was something, and I managed to give her a tentative smile back. She nodded to one of the round couches but then abruptly changed her mind and made me follow her into Giles' office. At least we'd have some privacy for 'the talk'. Once we got inside, she perched on the desk, and we looked at each other awkwardly as if neither wanted to be the one to go first and ruin things.

"I'm sorry." I hadn't been expecting apology from her, and I blinked and stood up a little straighter. "I shouldn't have done that. Your first back to having a body experience shouldn't have been me beating you up. Again."

Felt the corners of my mouth start to curve into a smirk. "Well, technically, my first experience was groping Faith..."

"Shut up." But Buffy was smiling when she said it. A look passed between us, and I felt as though a weight was beginning to lift from my heart again. We could do this, start anew. I was about to tell her so too when a force slammed into us, making me stumble backwards before I could right myself. There was a scream and Buffy and I turned towards the source. Then a body came crashing through the window and I instinctively moved to shield Buffy from the shattering glass. It was all over within seconds, and when I checked to see if Buffy was alright, she was staring down at the girl who had landed at her feet. One of Buffy's slayers, broken and bloody and very dead.

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"00-7. Odd name for a bar, considering there is not a piece of Bond paraphernalia in sight." I grumble when we finally arrive. "Look, there's not even a special menu of drinks named after the Bond girls. I so wanted to order a Pussy Galore, even if I couldn't drink it. You could've drunk it for me. Oh, never mind, I keep forgetting."

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Sure, I'd been bored out of my skull, had nothing better to do, and the lure of possibly seeing Buffy again was enough to drag me along to a party...

But now that I'm actually standing here with Faith, and scanning the noisy crowd for signs of Buffy, I'm starting to feel the jitters again.

"There she is." I point to where Buffy is seated at the bar knocking back a glass of ...is she drinking whiskey? Doesn't she hate the stuff? I remember how cute she used to look when she drank it down, making funny faces and wrinkling her pert little nose at the taste.

Looks like Kennedy sitting next to her. I turn to Faith and shrug.

"Well, looks like the party started without us, time to go say hello I guess..."

Why was I still standing here, rooted to the spot, then?

(open to Faith, Buffy, Kennedy and anyone else at 00-7)

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I gunnned the De Soto, careening around the corners like a mad man, the Clash blaring on the stereo and a fag hanging out of my mouth. Time to gate-crash this little town. And why the hell not? I was drunk on jack and ready for some action. Sunnydale, home of the hellmouth and the slayer. Just the right place for Drusilla and I. If slayer blood was what she needed then slayer blood was what I would get for my princess. I held an arm protectively across Dru's chest as we rounded another corner, the tires squealing.

"You alright love? Nearly there." I stroked my hand lightly across her bosom, frowning at the way her head lolled as though she were struggling to stay awake.

Stupid mob. I should have made them all pay for what they'd done to my dark princess. Even now she was weak, not like her usual self. But we'd have her right as rain in a jiffy. All we need was some slayer blood in her. Then she'd be the Drusilla she deserved to be. Strong, proud and ascendant. Whatever it took, I'd do it. Do it for her.

I finally pulled to a stop, nearly hitting a sign as I braked. Then I stepped out and took a long drag on my smoke. So this was it, the place that would be our new home.

I looked around and then smirked a sly grin.

They wouldn't know what hit them.

"Come on love, scent the night air. We are finally here, in Sunnydale. And I have a feeling we're gonna make an impression." I leaned into the car, holding my hand out for my love. Drusilla, the dark goddess who ruled my nights and plundered my dreams.

(open to Dru)

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OOC: Here's a little something I rustled up in AIM chat to keep the adorable Ally happy and give her nice Spangel dreams. Just a short to the point smut involving our two beloved souled vampires. Enjoy.

Angel is looking disgruntled and storms into Spike's dingy little apartment.

"So like you not to knock. What's got your knickers in a twist this time?" Spike snorts at Angel's dramatic entrance. He is slouching on the couch with a beer in hand, watching some late night show.

"Don't play games with me Spike. I thought we had an agreement. We were both going to stay out of Buffy's hair, let her get on with her life without us." Angel paces around, a bit agitated. His brow is more furrowed than usual.

Read the rest if you are ok with NC 17 smuttage.Collapse )

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Don't know why I keep walking. Landscape doesn't change a bit. Sorta off-white like a piece of aged lace. I hold up my hand, just to see some welcome colour against the stark back drop.

So, this is it? Blinding light and physical torment.... and then this sea of blank?

Not sure if I much care for being dead.

Thought I'd go to the black. Rest at last. I'd done my bit, hadn't I?
Well, at least it's not some hell dimension, with the stinking brimstone and eternal flames licking at my boot heels.

It's not like I don't deserve that though, after all I've done, lives I've destroyed. Racked up the red cards aplenty. Even dying to save the world can't wipe that slate totally clean.

So I guess I'm in some kind of penalty box. Not sure if hell wouldn't be more...interesting at least.

Not sure how long I've been here, but I know I'm not alone. Whispers in the wind, movement on the edge of my vision....Maybe more souls in limbo with me. I've tried calling out to them, but they don't answer back. Sometimes it feels like someone familiar is standing close, just for a second. and I wonder who it might be. A woman, blonde. Tara? Anya?...Buffy? God I hope it's not Buffy stuck in this afterlife, I died so that she could live on. One of us has to go on living.

So I keep walking. Maybe if I walk far enough I'll get to the edge of the white. Bloke can hope right? 'Sides what else is there to do here? Listen to the sound of my own voice? I'm bored out of my gourd.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this IS a kind of hell.

Made specially for the likes of me.

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It's all the slayer's fault.

I didn't bloody well ask for this, you know. I was just helping her to see the truth. Now she blames me. What was I going to do? Let soldier boy get away with it? Fat chance. White-bread was cheating on her with the wrinkly set. Knew she wouldn't like that. Had to tell her.

I take a draw from my smoke and look up at her window again. Light's still on. Wonder what she's doing up there. Maybe she's getting undressed for bed. Maybe she's getting ready to patrol. I'll wait a tick longer just in case it's the latter. If I'm lucky she won't still be pissed off about what happened with Riley. And she won't say hello with a punch to the face this time. Getting tired of that soddin' tune.

Not that I care about what I did. Buffy's better off without the tosser. Couldn't even keep her humming from the looks of it. Sneaking out at night for a spot of more action. Needing that itch to be scratched more than she was getting. Shame on you Buffy. I smirk at the notion of her needing to hunt and kill uglies to get off. Not so different are we, you and I?

Fuck this, why am I waiting to see if she'll show? Probably get a kick to the head for the privelege. I should be out prowling the night, not mooning over the bloody slayer. Bitch. I'm off. I look up at her window one last time.

Maybe another fifteen minutes.

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Ok, that was it. I'd bloody had it with sodded Sunnydale.

I was tired of subjecting myself to begging for scraps from those tossers. I'd had it with Buffy and her gang. Ever since the chip, things had gone from bad to totally buggered.

Couldn't feed on a human, couldn't do much else but watch from the bloody sidelines as the rest of the fuckin' world fed, shagged, bashed and butchered.

Still, I could fight my own kind. I could crunch demon heads if I need to blow off steam. Plus it was helping the slayer....

What the bleedin' heck was that thought? Stupid dreams. Didn't mean a thing. Smoke on the water.

All I knew was that this place was stifling me. I couldn't be a monster anymore and damned if I was gonna be Buffy's pussy whipped little house elf.

It was time to hit the road, be on me own a bit. Maybe find a new merry-go-round to play on.
The more I thought about it, the more it seemed a good decent plan. Yeah. Screw Sunnydale. Screw the slayer......ok not going there, not fucking going there.

So I find some geezer who has a spiffy bike. Nice set o'wheels, wait till he heads into the bar, and the sleel beauty is mine. Yeah, I press my thighs around her, nothing like 186 horse power to make you feel all manly.

Destination? Los Angeles.

Let the slayer rot, what did I care? I was my own man now.

I'd do it my way.
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I watch her leave me.

It's just as well.

One of us has to go on living.
That's your world up there, not mine, luv.

But for a second, as she departs, her honeyed hair almost turns raven in the shadows

The whole cavern is collapsing around me, but the golden light finally overwhelms my vision. I'm staring into the sun. Searing me from the inside out.

This is it, I can finally rest.

But while bathed in the brightness I can almost make out the flicker of a dark form shifting through the glare.

The pain is intense, my insides combusting, my skin splitting and crackling with the heat.

But on the edge of that pain I can almost hear a singsong voice chanting my name like out of an old nursery rhyme.

I feel myself beginning to disintegrate, become undone.
The light flares one last time.

But as I go, I almost feel a thought, not mine, riding with me into the blackness: I see you, my sweet Willie, and I shall catch you.....

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I watch her leave me.

It's just as well.

One of us has to go on living.
That's your world up there, not mine, luv.

The whole cavern is collapsing around me, but the golden light finally overwhelms my vision. I'm staring into the sun. Searing me from the inside out.

This is it, I can finally rest.

The pain is intense, my insides combusting, my skin splitting and crackling with the heat.

But I'm laughing.

Yeah. Screw you!

I feel myself beginning to disintegrate, become undone.
The light flares one last time.



I watch her leave me.

It's just as well.

One of us has to go on living.
That's your world up there, not mine, luv.

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Spike ducks under the arm of the Sveldt demon as it attempts to pummel him. In response he jabs his fist into what he surmises is the demon's kidneys. A grunt of pain assures him that he has hit the mark. The hulking brute staggers back and then retaliates with a swing that connects to Spike's jaw. He goes down with a crash, upsetting some garbage bins nearby. The Sveldt closes in and attempts another clumsy swing, this time Spike drops down and completes a circle kick that topples the behemoth to the ground.

In an instant Spike is straddling the demon, and with a flourish he produces a small knife. Grabbing at the Sveldt's tufted ear Spike touches the blade to it in a threatening manner.

"You know, I was just planning on a quiet simple transaction, but no, you had to make a fuss. I hear that Sveldt demons pleasure their women with their ears. I wonder if it is true..." Spike applies enough pressure that the demon gives a yelp.

"Don't! Please! I'll pay you..."

Spike lets up and helps the Sveldt to its feet.

"Look, all I was asking for was what was owed to me. Come up with the sixteen kittens and we'll be square. Understood?

The Sveldt's shoulders slump and he nods dejectedly.

"We can work out an instalment plan if needed. Just be here with three next Thursday got it? No sodding excuses and no ambushes alright?"

The demon nods earnestly and ambles off down the alley.

Spike goes the opposite way. He wonders why he let the demon off so easily. Should have bashed his head in for trying what he did.

Still, something made him pull back, seek a compromise.

It's a bit unsettling but he pushes it to one side.

Time to go visit the little bit. Do some minding for a while.

Not that he minds looking after Dawn, it's the least he can do for her. Try to protect her now that she's gone.

Spike doesn't like to use the B word.

Or the D word.

Maybe Dawn will be up from some cards tonight. Whatever it takes...
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